• Here's our Recommended kit list...

    You'll need


    We know you’ll be very comfortable and cosy at Raydale Barn, but here’s a few items that you’ll need to bring with you…

    A sleeping bag per person


    A camping mat (purely optional, but some people like to use them on top of the sleeping platforms)




    Regular toiletries such as shampoo, but we do provide handwash in the bathrooms and kitchen


    Torch or headtorch – there’s no lighting in the barn, we find it handy to carry a torch when you pop to the loo etc.


    Matches – there’s a lighter in the barn, and matches, but bring your own too, just to be on the safe side!


    Food! Drinks! The tap water is safe to drink, but you may fancy something a little stronger!


    Indoor shoes – we like muddy, wet boots, wellies and shoes to stay in the porch area of the barn – we always find it handy to bring along an old pair or slippers or trainers for the bedrooms and living spaces


    A hot water bottle or three!


    A camping mat (optional)


    A camera! You won’t want to miss snapping those stunning views!


    An OS map of the area – vital for all those micro adventures that you have planned


    Here’s a list of stuff that you most definitely won’t need to bring

    Phone charger (in fact go the whole hog, leave your actual phone behind)

    Hairdryer and straighteners

    TV guide

    Tablet or device

    Microwavable dinners



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