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    Once you have signed our T&C’s we will send you an invoice, if it is within 6 weeks of your booking it will be for the full amount, if longer, we will require a 25% deposit to secure your booking. We can take payment by credit, debit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. May we remind you that a booking cannot be confirmed until your deposit is received. Please phone immediately if you book provisionally and later find you cannot stay. We can then offer your booking to someone else. All cancellations must be immediately notified in writing. If you cancel your holiday more than 6 weeks before it is due to start then your deposit will be forfeited. If you cancel less than 6 weeks prior to the holiday then the full balance remains due and is not refundable. It is advised that you take out adequate travel insurance that covers you in the event that you have to cancel.

    You and the members of your party are responsible for taking care of the property during your stay. All equipment and contents must be left clean and tidy on departure; it is your responsibility to take all rubbish with you, unless you have arranged for us to collect it. You need to ensure that you are not playing any music/making any noise that could be considered a nuisance/disturbance after 11pm. Any damages or breakages in the property are the joint responsibility of you and the member/s of your party that have caused the damage or breakage. The cost is payable upon demand and, subject to any incurred losses, not limited to loss of rental, interest, and other consequential charges as may be incurred by Askrigg Recreational Company Ltd (hitherto referred to as ARC Ltd). Minor breakages are not usually charged for being reasonable wear and tear, but the hirer must report any damage before departure. ARC Ltd operates a non-smoking policy throughout. In the event of any member of the party breaching the smoking policy ARC Ltd will make a charge for additional cleaning and damage caused as a result. A £50 charge will be levied if keys are taken from the property on departure; this is for replacements and inconvenience.

    We endorse sustainable transport and promote using local transport providers. The barn is targeted at cycling, walking & outwards bounds groups. If multiple, large, or access vehicles are necessary, please advise as we will need to make arrangements for you. We prefer to arrange parking away from Marsett/Stalling Busk to preserve the tranquil setting, however if you have a specific need, please advise us and we will try to accommodate. There is only parking for 2 cars independently in Marsett/Stalling Busk, it is preferred that these are reserved for emergency (group) leader and access vehicles. Where we do provide transport it will be to Marsett only, there is then a short walk to the Barn, down an uneven track. No vehicles are to be left on site, unless there is a particular mobility need which has previously been agreed.

    The Owners of Raydale Barn (ARC Ltd) reserve the right to enter the property at any reasonable time for the purpose of emergency repairs should they become necessary. They will obviously respect your right to privacy and confidentiality and accommodate any reasonable request as to timing or arrangements in this. The property must be securely locked when you and the members of your party are out and care taken not to expose the property to any fire risk or other risk such as flooding. You and each one of the members of your party are responsible for acting in a responsible manner during your stay. The Owners reserve the right to retake possession of Raydale Barn at any time for any reasonable reason and in particular where serious misconduct has arisen in or around the property (misconduct policy download at bottom of this page).

    The Owners of the property (ARC Ltd) oversee the management of Raydale Barn and make every effort to describe it fairly but also anticipate possible changes. All information in our brochures and on the web site is given in good faith and is correct at the time of publication but the owners cannot be responsible for changes beyond their control or which may become known after publication without reasonable opportunity for updating the website.

    You must inform the Owners immediately if a problem arises and every effort will be made to rectify it as soon as possible so that you enjoy the rest of your holiday. In the event of breakdown of domestic facilities, plumbing, wiring, or any unforeseen occurrence or circumstance the owners will not be required to pay any compensation, expenses of any kind. It is therefore advised that guest ensure they have adequate travel insurance.

    Guide dogs are always accepted without charge but must be declared on the booking form. Other pets are allowed by specific arrangement with the owners; dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times outside the barn, and must not be left unattended in the barn at any time.

    In the event of any queries, in the first instance please contact either Heather Hodgson (01969 650109) or Colin Anderson (07435 300930). If an emergency our caretaker The Hodgsons (in Marsett) details of which are in the barn, or contact 999 if needed, quoting the grid reference and barn address. All this information is located in the entrance to the barn, on the wall.



    During government restrictions it is vital that you don't book as a multiple household group if only single household groups are allowed to holiday. It is therefore imperative that you declare your status on the booking form. If it is found that you are a multiple household group and you have declared as a single household, we reserve the right to cancel your booking or ask you to leave without any form of compensation. Breaking the law could also mean that you are fined by the police.

    Misconduct policy

    A copy can be downloaded here.

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